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Everglades Snook Fishing

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Enjoy Incredible Snook Fishing in Florida!

Snook are predatory fish that lurk around mangrove shorelines, oyster bars, grass flats, and are often caught laid upon a muddy bay bottom or cruising the beaches. The summer months offer great opportunities to fly fish for snook while they cruise the shorelines and sandbars. Snook range from about 14 to 50 inches in length and can grow to be over 30 pounds in weight. These fish fight hard!

They go off on blistering runs and take great leaps, and when they come up and shake their heads, spraying water every which way, it’s enough to make you lose your breath. For me, the take or the eating is the best part of snook fishing. Words can’t describe the moment when the snook aggressively attacks the topwater fly bait! It leaves you downright awestruck.

The best months for snook are from spring to fall, but I have some great spots in the Everglades to find them in the winter months as well.