I will provide all the high quality tackle necessary for your Fly fishing or Light Tackle fishing Adventure including lures and or Bait . A cooler with ice for drinks and your lunch will be on the boat. Fishing license is provided by me. I also carry all necessary insurances and safety equipment required by the Coast Guard. I am a fully legitimate captain in accordance with all rules and regulations of state laws and Coast Guard requirements including the random drug testing program.                          
      Preserving our fisheries and sustaining healthy waters and fish populations is very important to me and our estuaries so I do practice catch and release Unless it is A meal you are looking to catch. In that case I will clean all the fish for you and put it in a bag with ice to take home and cook or bring to a restaurant to have it cooked. 
      Long sleeve performance shirts are recommended along with a buff to cover your face. baseball hat and good quality amber lens sunglasses are also recommended. Seeing the fish can be important and in some cases may be a huge advantage in making the proper cast and catching fish. A stable pair of comfortable shoes is important to stand and fish on the boat.
                          Please inform me on the phone or email where you will be staying or if you are looking for an area to stay where the Fishing has been good. Naples, Marco Island, Everglades, or Fort Myers area or any area around Those mentioned. Let me know if you have a preference on which fish you would like to catch. 
Thank you very much for your consideration in me being your Guide.
4 hour adventure $450 for up to 3ppl and $50 extra per adult (kids are Free)
6 hour adventure $600 for up to 3ppl and $50 extra per adult (Kids are Free)
8 hour adventure $800 for up to 3ppl and $50 extra per adult (Kids are Free)
       cancellations due to weather are made only by the captain. I know the weather out here and would never put anyone in a dangerous situation. trips may be delayed a bit or rescheduled. if I make the call to cancel a refund of your deposit will be made to you. other cancellations prior to your adventure must be made within (14) days in order to refund your deposit. there are only so many days in a month and a lost slot can not be filled upon short noticed cancellations therefore that money I could have made is just gone. A $100 deposit for 4 hour trip and $200 for 6 and 8 hours is required by credit card upon booking your adventure. I appreciate your consideration in me being your guide Thank You! I hope to see you soon. capt. Joe
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