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Everglades Redfish Charter

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Catch Exotic Redfish in Florida!

Redfish or reds are fun and sometimes finicky fish to get to eat a fly. They are sometimes referred to as Charlotte Harbor Bonefish. These fish fight with brute strength, but they’re not the most clever of fish. They pull drag with low torque strength that makes for great drag screaming action.

There are many different ways to catch redfish, which makes them a lot of people’s favorite saltwater fish to fish for. Whether we are polling flats in gin-clear water looking for schools of tailing fish feeding in the grass or polling the sand bars in Charlotte Harbor looking to feed a fly to 20-pound fish, I can assure you once you see your fly get eaten and hear your drag scream, you’ll be ready to do it all over again!

Redfish are great to fly fish for in September and October while they are in big schools in the Everglades and in the Fort Myers and Charlotte Harbor areas. These fish are caught year-round by sight-fishing along shorelines and oyster bars, but tailing redfish in the Pine Island Sound, well that’s just the Holy Grail.