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Our Fish

These are our most popular sportfish in South West Florida.
There are 20+ other species we catch year-round!


Snook is an awesome predatory fish lurking around Mangrove shorelines, oyster bars, grass Flats and are often caught just hanging around laid up on a muddy Bay bottom or cruising the beaches. The summer months offer one of many people’s favorite way to fly fish for Snook while they Cruise the beach shorelines and sandbars. Snook range from about 14 to 50 inches in length and can grow to be over 30 pounds in weight. These fish fight hard! Blistering runs great leaps and when they come up and shake their heads spraying water every which way it’s enough to make you lose your breath. For me the take or the eat is the best part of snook fishing and seeing that a topwater fly is mostly used and how aggressively the snook attack a bait well let’s say that I can’t even find the words to describe that moment. It leaves you down right awe struck. The best months for Snook are from Spring to Fall but I have some great spots in the Everglades to find them in the winter months as well.

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Tarpon is the fish that made the sport of big game fishing! In 1885 WH would caught the first Tarpon rod and reel and put Southwest Florida on the map and still after over 100 years we are still considered the number one Tarpon fishing destination in the world. Tarpon grow to over 200 pounds and when hooked it’s been compared to roping a wild Bronco. Long runs 10 foot leaps in the air and a will to live that puts fisherman in the most epic battles with a fish that they have ever witnessed. Most Tarpon range from 60 – 120 pounds with frequent hook ups on Tarpon Inn excess of 150 pounds and up. seeing these fish cruising by in pairs or schools of 100 fish or more make for some incredible days of saltwater sight-fishing. By making a cast watching the tarpon eat the fly then battling the fish for over 20 minutes to tagging the tarpon after taking a photo of a lifetime while the fish remains in the water for Revival and release as you Ponder in amazement with the utmost respect and watch the silver King gallantly swim away. Best months are March all the way through August but they can still be hunted down with success in the winter and fall months in the Deep Everglades estuaries

Red Fishing Image 1

Redfish or Reds are a very fun and sometimes finicky fish to get to eat a fly. They are sometimes referred to as Charlotte Harbor Bonefish. These fish fight with brute strength but not the most clever of fish. They pull drag with low torque strength that make for great drag screaming action. Redfish are caught so many numerous ways I think that’s what makes them a lot of people’s favorite saltwater fish to fish for. Whether we are polling Flats in Gin Clear Water looking for schools of tailing fish Feeding in the grass or poling the sand bars in Charlotte Harbor looking to feed a fly to 20 pound fish causing a ruckus or ducking under limbs in a remote Creek deep in the Everglades to find them in a hidden Bay I can assure you once you see your fly get eaten and hear your drag scream all you will be thinking is that was awesome I need to do that again! Red fish are great to fly fish for in September and October while they are in big schools in the Everglades and in Fort Myers and Charlotte Harbor area. These fish are caught all year round very successfully sight fishing along shorelines and oyster bars but tailing redfish in the Pine Island Sound well that’s just the Holy Grail.