Are you tough enough to come out and catch a Man Eating Beast

All Sharks are handled with extreme care and released UNHARMED back into the water after a great picture

Shark Fishing in the Ten Thousand Islands, Florida Everglades, Naples and Marco Island can be some of the absolute most exciting and thrilling types of big game fishing you can ever experience. Using bait that is bigger than most peoples best catch to go out and target the Biggest Baddest fish that swims in the ocean is alot of fun to say the least. There are all types of sharks in the Southwest Florida waters.  We catch them in the Backcountry waters mostly. these beasts arent always in deep water off in the Gulf of Mexico they are caught more frequently on the flats and in the passes that line our barrier islands in 3ft. of water or less. special moments in the summer also offer exceptional opportunities for site fishing these maneaters. KIte Fishing for sharks is also an effective and exciting way to capture your toothy catch of a lifetime. Sharks are all over in the gulf waters of south west Florida from Naples, Marco Island, Ten thousand islands and the Everglades and everywhere inbetween. the warmer months are definitely more consistent inshore but they can be caught all year round. Live bait and dead bait is used and shark trips usually include going and catching what we will be using to catch the sharks. There are Bull Sharks, Hammer Head sharks, Lemon Sharks, Blacktip Sharks and a few more that are Frequently caught.

The fight is Incredible once hooked. these sharks are in the range of 100 to 400 lb.s with some smaller and even larger ones caught from time to time. Call Me I'll let you know if the Bite Is On!

We Also catch


GOLIATH GROUPER is like being in a crazy tug of war with a prehistoric Monster Fish trying its best to dive into the structure sitting on the bottom to escape its capture by the angler grunting and groaning holding the rod trying not to get pulled over board. To harvest one is illegal so they must be kept in the water and released after a photo. It truly is an Epic Battle!!!



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