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January/February Everglades Fishing

These two months often end up prove to be a challenge to target a specific species especially game fish Like Tarpon, Snook, Red fish and Shark Fishing. This year has been one of the best winters in a while for Snook and Tarpon. Also in the mix we caught some of the other great fighting fish that saltwater fishing in southwest Florida has to offer such as Big Trout, Big Triple Tail, Grouper and Sharks.

Tarpon season is right around the corner it usually starts to get good with the first wave of migrating Tarpon showing up middle or late March. water temps have been warmer than usual for February so im expecting them to show up a lil early this year. I have a list of people that want to fish for Tarpon exclusively, if you want to be added to the list and get the call as soon as the Tarpon start to migrate then send me an email on the contact form or call me up. Thats me with a Huge Triple Tail that i caught during super bowl sunday (last Picture).

The fishing in general will be getting better as the water warms as well so if your looking for Snook, Redfish, Sharks, Permit and Tarpon just contact me and book your trip.

Tear Em Up!!

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