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Summer Fishing Has Been Awesome!!

Where do I start,first of all I have been so insanely busy and not being able to post recently. between running my trips and maintaining 3 boats for 3 different types of fishing it can get hectic. today is a rain day so im trying to catch up.

The summer monthsw have been Incredible for Tarpon and Big Snook. We have been gettinbg them so many different ways too from laid up Tarpon on Flyrods to Huge Snook on topwater plugs way back in the swamp off my mud boat. those are only one person trips but i highly recommend them for Snook on Fly as well. I dont have nearly as many pics as I should but ill share a few that i do have.

Shark fishing has been Great as well im fascinated everytime one of these man eating fish come to the boat. the Everglades also offers some incredible opportunities for sight fishing these magnificent monsters as well when the conditions are right.

The fishing has been so good with the little time I’ve had for myself Ive been out Fishing myself.

Thank you all for checking out this blog. Tear Em Up!!!


a man holding a fish swimming under water a man holding a fish a man holding a fish on a boat in the water a couple of people on a boat

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