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No Red Tide! Great Fall Bite is On!

Here in the Ten Thousand Islands we never got the Red Tide curse and never have. the currents push it up south and north as our barrier islands are to the east so it goes up and away from here.

The bite all summer was red Hot!and so was the weather. The weather is cooling down now and so are the waters so we have migrations south offshore and our backwater fish get extremely energetic and start focusing on plumping up for the winter. since there is red tide north of us we have seen an influx of people coming down here to us. The bookings are filling up quick so make sure to call as soon as you know what days you’ll be down here and we can pick a good day for tides to make the best possible trip for you. I have so many pics from the past few months but its late im tired and have 2 trips tmrw so maybe ill get them up later but here is the most recent from 2 days ago. This is Brian from Minnesota with his trophy 54 inch King Fish. Thanks hope to see you soon.

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