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What a Great day of Fishing in the ten thousand islands these two kids and their mother had the other day. I dont do review sites but i do have text messaging and i get text from my anglers all the time telling me how great of a day they had out fishing with me. this one i really wanted to share because these two guys are some of the most skilled and most passionate fisherman i have every year.We had a great opportunity to take advantage of this insane Trout and mackerel bite i was on the previous trip in the morning so when they loaded up in the afternoon for my second trip i headed right to the same spot and we sat there for hours catching fish after fish i mean it was every cast! i wasnt expecting them to want to keep fish this trip but that quickly changed and before we knew it the cooler was full once more. Max even got to throw his favorite new lure he had brought with him from Illinois. we stayed for 3 hours catching over a hundred fun fighting great eating Fish and called it a productive outing then headed back to the dock and filleted them so they can treat their whole family to a great dinner of fresh fish.

Sometimes for me its tough to decide what to do with my Anglers. Its not always easy to try and figure out what it is that is going to make the anglers on my boat as happy and as fulfilled as possible. I do ask but most of the time people dont even know themselves or they think that all of our fish are readily available all year long. With this trip i figured id go out catch fish and see how they liked that style of fishing, Turns out they absolutely loved it and thats what matters most. Thanks Tear Em Up!!


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