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Amazing Summer fishing in the Florida Everglades, Naples and Marco Island

Spring and Summer are generally the best times for fishing down here in south west Florida and this year has been no different, even better than most years in the past. The water clarity has been Great and the fish and bait fish are absolutely loving it! The Clear water also offers up some great opportunities to fish for Tarpon and Snook by sight fishing for them with great success.

The Snook have been Big mostly but my push of Giant Snook have not showed up yet, it shouldnt be long. mainly we are hooking snook on live bait but if artificials and throwing lures is more your style then you wont be disappointed. the top water bite has been doing well and soft plastics as well.

Tarpon have been around in great numbers! we have been targeting them on Fly, Live bait and lures all with great Success. I have been getting my anglers smaller Tarpon way in the back and the bigger Tarpon more on the outside where the move in schools, Pairs and like to run along the Bars.

theres alot of great stories to go along with just about every Tarpon photo because thats just how special it is to catch the magnificent Megalops, Tarpon or best known as The Silver King! But this one really sticks out because everything just went right for Anthony this memorable afternoon. it was after a trip i had done with a doctor and his buddy who live here in Naples. we had great bait the weather was perfect and there were plenty of Big Tarpon in a small area, and that usually means a good bite. But not on this morning unfortunately so my guys decided to cut their trip short so i brought them back to the dock early and called up a friend and he showed up With Anthony who was in town visiting him and brought a case of beer. in the time of going back to the dock and heading back to the Tarpon grounds the tide had changed. I was a little burnt from watching Tarpon all morning so I wanted to change it up and go Snook fishing before we tried for Tarpon again.

First cast Boom! Big Snook, second, third, fourth cast and so on for an hour it was Snook after Snook. After the bite slowed a bit we were all ready for the Main Event, Get Anthony a Giant Tarpon. We headed to the same place we fished all morning except with a more relaxed and less eager attitude and just fished the place the way it needed to be fished which i couldnt do earlier because the friend was very anxious and was making it seem i wasnt trying hard enough which i can understand but he just didnt understand these fish we were fishing so all the extra effort was actually hurting them. these fish just need to be relaxed so we just sat and drank beer in one spot quietly waiting and a couple times disrupted with a little shark as by catch interrupting the serenity but it was nice to get a little shot of adrenaline from time to time. eventually after about 30 minutes what we knew was inevitable finally happened. The rod bent over and the drag started screaming after about 200 ft it happened, that beautiful huge silver beast laucnhed 10 ft out of the water wrangling and twisting violently. after the fish hit the water and started burning drag again we were finally able to breathe again and a 15 minute fight was on and done in record timing for a fish that size. Great job again Anhony and once again Congratulations!!

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