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Tarpon Fishing

The waters have warmed up quite early this year which has brought the Big Tarpon out to play. Unfortunately we still have been getting cold fronts moving through here n there and dropping the water temps having the Tarpon move in back and hunting them to catch more difficult but not impossible and very rewarding with having incredible scenery and beautiful back drops in the distance while battling the Baddest Fish in the bays. we’ve been hooking and catching Tarpon several different ways as of late. Spin fishing with light Tackle using Lures and Heavy tackle using Live Bait. Also this month on a Fly Fishing trip my angler was accurate enough with the fly to present a beautifully placed bait fish pattern in front of an actively feeding 100 lb Tarpon. The fish ate and the mayhem ensued with legendary leaps and tail walking on top of the water making for the most memorable fishing experience these Young European anglers will Never forget.

The one Tarpon I have mixed emotions about is the one my guys from Chicago brought to the boat. It was another Epic battle and a fight that brought my angler to experiencing heavy sweating and arms that felt like Jello. But in the end the Tarpon had perished. Not due to exhaustion or fighting himself to death but as i kneeled down and grabbed the leader i looked back at my angler trying to bring him next to me to grab the face of the Big Tarpon so his friend leaning over the boat can get a picture of his catch of a life time. within an instant the water erupted, everyone shouted and i felt an incredible tug on the leader i was holding so i let the line go turned around and saw a huge fin of a hammer head shark. Well we know how that ended up but still we retrieved the Tarpon and took a few quick pics.

Its pretty rare around these parts and especially for the particular flat i was on but it does happen and when it does it sucks. In the end the anglers were filled with so much excitement and aw, it was the best day of fishing these three men had ever experienced.

Mike with a Beautiful Slot Snook. He caught a bunch of fish that day but this one in the slot measuring 32″ is the One he came for and couldnt have been any happier.

Thank you to All my anglers who come out with me and support me I appreciate your loyalty and your business. Thank You!

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