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Florida Everglades, Marco Island Incredible Fall Fishing

The two best Fall months for snook and redfish are just about over and time to bring on the winter fishing putting snook n reds in the back country where fishing is its most fun and also bringing around other species if fish that are great to catch. The trout fishing will fire up along with the pompano and sheepshead fishing just to name a few. there were a lot of memorable trips this fall but this one with the Belgium guys stuck out the most due to the variety of fishing they covered in the 3 days they fished. the first day we went and did the usual fishing for that time of year hanging on the outside and absolutely slaying the redfish and snook. They even got some slot snook and limited out on redfish in minutes. As they hung out that night at a local restaurant that cooked up their catch from the day they had met a man who had been talking with them about a local tournament that’s going on in the next couple days so they were very inquisitive about it and had that on their mind the whole day on the second day. The second day they decided that a Huge Tarpon would be an absolute dream to catch, just so happens I knew a spot where the giants were hanging around. Long story short we got bit twice and landed one Tarpon at 150lbs!that day at the dock after their trip we decided they were going to enter the tournament the next day so off to the captains meeting we went and had a great time then met up the next morning and they did very well in the tournament not losing one fish all day catching so many in very different ways. What they experienced in this tournament was the heightened excitement and rush you feel when you’re in competition and have a big fish on the line. If youre looking to do a tournament and want to experience what its like to have the ultimate rush in catching fish than give me a call to get into some friendly competition test your skills. This tournament the guys ended up in 6th place only an inch and a half out of the money competing against 52 other boats. great job gents see you next year.

1st pic The 3 Belgium guys, 2nd pic me with a big snook, 3rd two sons and their father from Siberia catching a fish of a lifetime

a person holding a fish on a boat a person holding a fish in the water a person holding a fish

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