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Great Winter Florida Fishing

Weather is Perfect here in Naples Florida, Marco Island and the Florida Everglades. 60’s at night and 80 with No Humidity in the afternoon. water temps are down to 72 degrees which make for some exciting fishing. The Snook fishing is good for experienced anglers able to pitch baits in small areas way back in the bays and creeks of the Everglades and the Red Fish are still around in good numbers with some big ones willing to bite. We do alot of fishing with shrimp this time of year and it is tons of fun filled with a huge variety of fun fighting and great eating fish. Toss out a shrimp onto a flat with cover and structure and hold on! no telling what is going to eat it from Pompano, Redfish, Snook, trout and many many other florida everglades fish species.

       this type of fishing makes it great for children and easy to tug on fish all day because its not very technical and no need to be very experienced. Winter fishing is a great way to introduce your child or children in the great sport of Fishing. Fishing is also a great way to make memories with family and friends. here are a few pictures of some great fish caught here from anglers staying on Marco Island. I hope to here from you soon.

a person holding a fish a person holding a fish in the water a person holding a fish a person holding a fish in a body of water

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