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Great winter Fishing in Marco Island and Naples Florida

This Gentleman here in the white shirt is another Frequent Flier with JoeSnook fishing charters and Jim caught the second Giant Redfish caught in Dec. Great Job Jim!! see you soon man.

The Fishing in Marco Island, Naples and the Ten thousand Islands Has been Great! Yes we have had some very windy and cold days which does make for some tough days but we still manage to catch fish and lets face it its still not freezing and you are fishing in the ocean in Florida so how can it be that bad. Not Bad At All!

Most of the days have been absolutely perfect. Sunny 70’s and a slight breeze. The fish love it as well. the Redfish, Snook and speckled sea trout have been chewing very well over all through the winter so far. Im talking 100 Fish Days! Obviously not every trip is that excellent but still 20 to 50 fish is still a great day.

These Redfish were caught in the Ten Thousand Islands in Dec. and made for some great photos and stories. What an Experience reeling in a Giant Florida redfish like that! Both anglers were repeat customers of mine and have been fishing with me for years and they both got their biggest redfish ever. I appreciate you both and great job bringing in those beasts gentlemen. The water cools significantly in the ten thousand islands and Marco area which makes Fishing for game fish different than in the warmer months and provides some truly unique fishing experiences. Not just the game fish act differently but theres a bunch of other awesome species of fish that come out to play. we have a wide variety of fun fighting and some great eating fish in the winter here in the ten thousand islands and marco island area like SheepsHead (no nothing like the ones in lakes up north) these Fish get up to around 15lb.s and bigger but on average here we get them 4 to 8lb.s fishing for them inshore but they are a great fight and great table fare so i target them for my fish eating clients (yes alot of my anglers do not want to keep any fish).

another great fighting, Extremely fun to catch and in many peoples opinion the Absolute Best eating fish in the world is none other than the Triple Tail (pic below is another customer ive fished for years and partner each holding big Triple Tail) also one of my own personal Favorite fish to hunt, catch and eat.

They look like huge Crappie to me. What makes these prehistoric fish so cool to target is 90 percent of the time these guys are caught by sight fishing. They hang in open water on structure usually but on certain tides and moons you can be very successful targeting them just floating in with the tide on top of the water.

      once the fish is spotted some stealth is required getting into casting distance and once that is achieved it takes a well placed cast playing the wind and calculating the current to have your shrimp, lure,Fly or pilchard swim past the triple tails mouth. generally the fish is aggressive and takes the bait right away if presented properly but there are some stubborn ones out there and there are tricks to even get those to take the bait. ive had a 25 pounder on a structure that went down out of site so i anchored up for 30 minutes to wait for him to reappear and once he did, Wham! After a perfect presentation he slammed the bait and a 15 minute fight was on. Fish was caught pictures were takin (ill try to dig that pic up for a future post) and fish was put on ice.

   There are many other fish we target for fun and food in Naples, ten thousand islands and Marco island but that seriously would take writing a whole book so ill just keep posting blogs and adding a species or two along with an update on the fishing here the Everglades area. until then i hope to see you on my boat after all thats my full time living and the more anglers i get a year the better.

Thank you very much for taking time to read this Have a GREAT New Year and come on out here and TEAR EM UP!

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